X-Mas Times Tables

About X-Mas Times Tables

Join Santa on an exciting adventure in X-mas Math on Mathdiploma.com. Your mission is to safely reach the end of each snowy level. Along the way, try to collect as many baubles as possible. But watch out for the slippery ice and don't fall into the icy water, because if that happens, you'll lose a life!

Not everyone likes the fact that Santa Claus is here. Beware of dangerous snow monsters like live snowmen and giant yetis. If they catch you, you'll lose a heart. But don't worry, you can attack the snow monsters with snowballs so they move aside. For every 10 Christmas balls you pick up, you get a snowball to fight back.

To help Santa you also have to help with math, at the end of each level you will be shown a table sum. Jump against the block with the correct answer to open the door to the next level. Be careful though, if you choose the wrong answer, you have to start the level over.

The game has 30 exciting levels divided into three different worlds. At the end of each world, you face a big boss who has special powers. Be creative and use your environment and snowballs to defeat the mini boss. When you beat the mini boss you can go to the next world.

Have fun doing the math and good luck helping Santa!