Practice subtraction sums

Practice all subtraction problems

Subtraction is a basic part of arithmetic. Children start by removing numbers of objects in first grade; this is their first step in learning subtraction. They then continue with subtraction problems with one-digit numbers; subtractions under 10 and simple subtraction sums under 20. Second-grade subtraction covers sums with two two-digit numbers being subtracted from each other. This is further expanded upon in third grade, with two numbers of two digits or more being subtracted. In fourth grade up to sixth grade, students repeat subtraction problems.

The website was developed to help elementary school students learn arithmetic. By offering clear math problems, numeracy can be practiced both in class and at home. Parents and children can practice together, for instance.

The exercises have been divided per grade and per arithmetic skill. Through a variety of exercises you can practice elementary school subtraction skills, which you also learn in first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade. PLay also one of the subtraction games.