Animal Rescue

Put on your safari clothes! In this game, you'll be going on a quest with the safari kids' club. Your goal is to fill you photo album with pictures of all the animals you find in the jungle. You can cross the jungle by solving sums.

When starting a level, you first have to choose which type of sums you wish to solve. You can choose from multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction sums. Then you choose the range of the sums and the difficulty level. If you practice well, you'll soon be able to handle bigger sums. The difficulty determines how fast the water will rise.

In order to move up, you first have to look at the sum and then click on the island with the right answer. In order to complete the level, you have to solve 20 sums correctly and have at least one life left. You lose a life if you answer sums incorrectly or if you touch the water. The water will catch up to you if you're not fast enough! If you complete the level and find an animal, you can take a picture of it for the kids' club photo album.

You'll have completed the game once you've taken all the pictures of the animals you can find in the jungle. Finish the photo album by adding all the pictures and giving it to the leader of the kids' club. Good luck playing this free educational game with animals for learning math in elementary school.”