Toy Store

Description of the toy shop

Get better at counting money by visiting the toy store today. A store buys and sells dozens of items every day. This means many items are being paid for, and a lot of change has to be returned. Learn about this in the toy store by buying toys and playing the cashier at the register.

When you start practicing, you can choose between paying money or returning change. After this, you can choose between five different money levels: up to a dollar, between 1 and 5 dollars, 1 and 50 dollars, and 1 and 200 dollars.

To the right, you can see a shelf with all the toys that still have to be paid for. At the bottom you can see all the money units you can use.

As a customer, you can do the paying exercise. For instance, as a customer, you can buy stuffed animals with price tags. Try to pay the amount on the price tag at the cash register. Choose notes for larger amounts and the coins for smaller amounts. Once you've taken the right amount out of your wallet, you can click the check button to see if you've counted correctly.

Choose the returning change exercise if you want to play the cashier. In this exercise, customers will come by the cash register with the stuffed animals they want to buy, and pay with notes. Check how much the customer has paid and try to return the exact amount of change. When you think you've received the right amount, click check and continue with the next customer. Complete a lot of these exercises to become an expert at counting money! Counting money for elementary school grades 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.