Rally V10

Rally V10 game description

Step into your race car and start your maths adventure! At the start of the game, you'll first need to choose a character to race with. You can choose from five different characters, all of which have their own style. After that, you'll need to choose your race car and the type of maths problems you want to solve. You can choose multiplication and division problems, or subtracting and adding problems. Finally, give your character a name and start racing.

In this game, you're racing with a very special race car. It only accelerates when you solve a maths problem. When you give the right answer, the car will go faster, but when you give a wrong answer, it will stop running. You can only answer by switching gears. Look at the sum on the left, then click the correct switch.

Before you start racing, you can choose whether you want to drive a single race or compete in a tournament. When you drive a single race, you'll first have to choose the type of maths problems you want to solve. You can choose, for example, division or multiplication problems. After choosing the type of problems, you'll then need to choose which tables of multiplication you want to handle. A tournament is much bigger than a single race, and involves four worlds for each type of maths problem. Each world is different and contains eight different races. As you progress in the tournament, the problems will get harder and your opponents will get smarter.

When you return to the garage, a lot of things will need to happen to your car before you can go out and race again. First, the engine will have to be tuned properly and the tyres pumped up. You tune the engine by making the chain spin at the right moment. Once it's been properly tuned, you'll also need to fill the tyres. Now that the car itself is ready, you'll also need to make sure the fuel tank is always full before a race.

After a while, you'll notice your opponents are getting faster and faster, and their cars are starting to look different. You can also improve your car yourself by buying parts online. Click the laptop and buy new parts using the coins you've earned. You can give your race car a new appearance by choosing new colours and adding decals. Have fun doing maths!