My Smart Horse

Description of My Smart Horse

Get on your horse and go on a math adventure in a world of horses. Start by selecting the rider you're going on an adventure with. Once you've done this, you can choose which horse you want. Name your horse and get started.

The stables contain many important things for your horse. In the top right you can see how much energy your horse has. The bottom left has a button to visit the store. Energy is important for your horse to keep it fit for the race. You can buy different items in the store to keep your horse nice and fit; such as a feed bag, toys, and food. Feed your horse to keep its energy up.

When you start a race, you first have to choose which multiplication tables you want to practice. In order to make your horse go faster, you have to correctly answer the multiplication table sums. You also have to avoid obstacles along the way. If you see an obstacle, make your horse jump over it in time. Answer the multiplication sums as quickly as possible and avoid all the obstacles you can to finish first. If you win first place, you'll receive lots of coins to buy things in the store.

After playing multiple races, you can improve fast. When you think you're good enough, you can enter a national tournament. If you can take first place in a tournament, you'll unlock new items for your horse.

Use the coins you earn with races, tournaments and assignments to buy things for your horse itself, such a new saddle or new horse shoes. Good luck on your arithmetic adventure and show everyone you're the best rider!