Figo and Friends (x)

Description Figo and Friends times tables

Figo has lost all his friends while playing hide and seek and you help Figo find them all! What should you do? Answer all questions to advance to the next level. But watch out for the obstacles and opponents, you have to avoid them to avoid losing lives.

The controls work with the arrows, you can jump with CRTL and answer with the space. You can take out the opponents by jumping on top.

After starting you can choose which table you want to practice. For example, choose the 8 to start the 8 times table roadmap. You will then get 13 levels with only questions from this table. The first few levels you get the easier questions and from level 5 all questions.

In the last level per roadmap you can free Figo's friend. Before you can get to the friend, a large monster has to be defeated. When the friend is freed, it becomes available in the friends screen and you can also play with this friend.

While playing you can also collect coins and stars to get a higher score. If you have collected enough points, your XP level will also increase. At this level you can see how much experience you already have with the game. The higher the better.