Train Station Time Telling

Train Station telling time game description.

It's chaos at the train station! The platforms are getting crowded, people are getting on the wrong trains, and many people will be late for work. All because the schedule maker is out sick today. Help the station manage the times, so everything will be running smoothly again.

When you enter the train station, you can see there are two kinds of clocks you can use; analog clocks (clocks with hands) and digital clocks. Choose one to start practicing.

There are different locations at the station where you can help. You can help the conductor on the platform, adjust the clocks in the main hall, and calculate departure times for people. Once you've chosen one of the activities, there are five different levels: hour, half hour, 15 minutes, 5 minutes, and 1 minute.

The first exercise is about helping the conductor on the platform. When you get to the platform, the conductor will give you a time you have to match to a train. Once you've picked the right train, it can depart. If you choose the wrong one however, the train will have to stay, causing a delay.

For the second exercise, you have to change the clocks. The conductor will give you a time and you then have to change the clock using the arrows. When you think you've entered the correct time, you can have the conductor check it.

The third exercise is about calculating departure times. You will be given a watch with the current time, and the conductor will tell you in how many hours and minutes the train will depart. Calculate the departure time and pick the right train. Good luck with this time telling game for grade 2, 3, and 4 of elementary school.