Addition sums up to 10

The 5-step plan

Practice addition up to 10 using the five steps. You can earn medals for the first four steps, and you get a diploma if you complete the final step correctly. For addition sums up to 10, none of the answers will be higher than 10.

The first step consists of ten sums. There is no time limit.

Step 1: Fill in the answers

Step 2: Drag the answers to the right sum


Step 3: Fill in the answers

Step 4: Multiple choice

Try to answer all the 15 questions right!

Step 5: Get your diploma!

Answer all the 20 questions right to get the diploma!

Addition up to 10 diploma

Description Addition up to 10

Here you can practice the first addition sums up to 10. You can take all the time you need, as the first steps don't have a time limit. These math problems are the foundation of arithmetic in school. You will significantly benefit once you master these exercises.

Example sums are:

  • 6 + 2 = 8
  • 4 + 3 = 7

When you get your diploma, you'll be ready for the next level; for example, addition up to 20 or subtraction up to 10. You can also continue to practice using the arithmetic games and exercises, or practice using a time limit. These sums have been created for elementary school children.